VisiStruct specializes in creating beautiful, functional, and modern websites built on WordPress. Whether you’re looking for an expansive e-commerce solution or a simple one page site, VisiStruct has the experience to bring your ideas to life.

Because we’re a full service design house, VisiStruct handles every step in the process, from initial design to taking your site live. Using a variety of top tier themes, VisiStruct designs a user experience that your visitors will enjoy and your company can be proud of.


VisiStruct exclusively builds sites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform. With many years of extensive WordPress experience on our team, we’ll build your site using industry best practices.

WordPress it the most popular website creation and blogging tool in the world, and for good reason. The expansive developer support at the core and third-party level is second to none, and the developers at VisiStruct regularly contribute to the worldwide effort in constantly improving this amazing software.

Connecting the Dots

Since WordPress already has such a robust feature set, many advanced functions are already installed by default. VisiStruct’s preferred configuration vastly increases the features available to you using a variety of software by third-party developers. Depending on your site’s individual needs, we can integrate user polls, interactive forms, email marketting, live video feeds, event calendars, and much more.

The Big Picture

From start to finish, it’s crucial to understand the goals of your site and to strive to meet or exceed those goals. By designing your site based on those goals, VisiStruct sets your site up for success.

The goal for most sites is to increase traffic, rank higher on Google, improve the flow of the site, and to include top of the line features for visitors and staff to interact with. To accomplish this, we recommend attacking on multiple fronts.

While one of the most crucial parts of running a successful website is  optimizing the content, having a site with great content isn’t the only key to success. It’s just as important to integrate things such as blogs, social media, email marketting, and video. The most successful sites combine many of these areas to increase their site’s overall footprint on the web, and to improve their domain’s authority in the eyes of search engines such as Google or Bing.

Make it Reality

Sounds complicated right? Don’t worry though, the team at VisiStruct are experts at everything discussed here. You can sleep peacefully knowing your site is in good hands with the expert WordPress developers at VisiStruct.

To get started and receive your free site consultation with a member of our team, Contact Us.