massagecuppng-portfolioA content heavy business and store page.

This site’s visually appealing color palette of blues, greys, and orange combines to convey a bright and healthy feel, while also incorporating a water-inspired design.

This fully responsive and mobile-friendly business site is highly complex. It combines a blog, event calendar, and online store. We utilized stylized tables to create a beautiful and professional contact page to direct visitors to the correct contact.

While the standard business features are incorporated here, we also included some unique technologies that greatly expanded the scope of the site. We converted their practitioner locator pages, which used outdated and ugly tables that could include hundreds of entries on a single page, into a fully interactive mapping system using Google Maps. This system is significantly more mobile-friendly, is much easier to use, and it prevents content thieves from stealing their proprietary data.

We also integrated a members only function to the site that allows customers to upgrade their regular accounts to unlock additional features throughout the site. By paying a small, one time fee, customers unlock some content or features found on the blogs and mapping system.

This site receives consistently high traffic, which combined with its resource-intensive features requires the use of our high performance VisiStruct WordPress Hosting Servers. In addition, through our careful management and use of industry-best-practices, maintains a #1 rank on Google searches for a large number of search keywords, beating out Amazon, Ebay, and many other competitors.

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A purpose-driven online store.

The site’s clean and simple design focused on displaying and selling products online. Using a minimal color palette for the design, we allowed the bright colors of the products to add the main color to the site.

Created by professional skateboarder Brian Downey, Falcon Bowse is a small skateboarding culture-inspired clothier that produces handmade goods based out of New York City. Over the years they’ve run a successful pop-up shop in New York City, run a successful KickStarter campaign, and have been featured in numerous art shows around the city.

The site itself has been featured on Buzzfeed and various popular skateboarding magazines.

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