An information packed event site to celebrate a wedding. Fully responsive and mobile ready.

This website featured an interactive Google Maps functionality that allowed guests to get directions to the venue. In addition, guests could fill out a simple form to RSVP to the wedding, with the filled out form going directly to the bride and groom’s email.

A site like this is a great example of a One Page or Micro-Site. The entire site was comprised of just 4 pages, including the front page.

Since the site was created to just convey information for a dated event, it was essentially temporary. While the couple opted to not include a blog of any sort, blogging and social media integration could extend the lifespan greatly. By doing this, the owner could maintain a small yet long-lasting site.

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Nicole-Oquendo---Portfolio A bold and visually complex professional resume site.

Created for visual artist, university professor, and creative non-fiction writer Nicole Oquendo. The goal of this site was to convey the convergence of the literary, artistic, and academic worlds.

A fully responsive and mobile ready design featuring a static sidebar to the left, this leaves the front page and deeper content wide open. We went with a rather unique gradient palette throughout the site. Pages feature a different color in the palette, which gives each page a slightly different feel.

This site includes a number of professional resume oriented features, such as slideshare integration, a highly functional tabbed CV / Resume, and a live contact form.

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A clean and minimalist design centered around a blog format.

This goal of this site was to showcase the writing, submissions, and publications of Nicole Oquendo (NicoleOquendo.com), a creative non-fiction writer and editor teaching at Full Sail University.

Since the format was entirely based off frequent blog posts, the site’s design emphasized this greatly. As this site’s focus was on the literary world, we wanted the written word to really be the star of the site. To accomplish this we went with a very minimalist design, absent of borders and almost exclusively using black and white for a color palette.

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