AnĀ information packed event site to celebrate a wedding. Fully responsive and mobile ready. This website featured an interactive Google Maps functionality that allowed guests to get directions to the venue. In addition, guests could fill out a simple form to RSVP to the wedding, with the filled out form going directly to the bride […]


A bold and visually complex professional resume site. Created for visual artist, university professor, and creative non-fiction writer Nicole Oquendo. The goal of this site was to convey the convergenceĀ of the literary, artistic, and academic worlds. A fully responsive and mobile ready design featuring a static sidebar to the left, this leaves the front page […]


A clean and minimalist design centered around a blog format. This goal of this site was to showcase the writing, submissions, and publications of Nicole Oquendo (NicoleOquendo.com), a creative non-fiction writer and editor teaching at Full Sail University. Since the format was entirely based off frequent blog posts, the site’s design emphasized this greatly. As […]