gamecrastinate-portfolioA niche-topic magazine-style site with a dark theme.

The design of this site focused on bold lines and dark, technically-inspired graphics. This site uses a limit color palette of dark reds and greys, which allows the color heavy images of its source material to stand out.

Gamecrastinate was our largest project to date, as the site was already live and receiving daily traffic when we redesigned the layout. This site provided news, editorials, and reviews about the world of computer video gaming.

One of the key aspects of this site was a custom built reviews platform that incorporated meta tags, which allowed the site’s reviews to display the proper data in Google searches. This functionality also allowed the site to maintain an active listing on the front page for the titles which scored highly in reviews.

Gamecrastinate was also the first site to be converted to one of our VisiStruct WordPress Hosting Servers. Within the first few months of working on this site, Gamecrastinate broke a major story related to a major video game that had just been released, which resulted in the site going viral for about a month. During this time, Gamecrastinate’s story was featured in Forbes, Yahoo News, Google News, N4G, a few small television programs, thousands of smaller gaming and technology-based websites, and was plagiarized by the Motley Fool and countless other sites.

For 3 days, Gamecrastinate was successfully serving about 300,000 visitors a day. Over the span of 2 weeks, Gamecrastinate ranked as the 9th most popular website in the entire country of Russia. All of this traffic was handled using the first version of our VisiStruct WordPress Hosting Servers.

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